Put simply, we look at the whole picture – how to get added value from your premises for you and your staff, how your workplace can support and breathe life into your brand and ensure your staff are looked after.

We can look at everything from ergonomics to compliance with disability legislation and building regulations. Even carrying out a workplace assessment to find out how your company works now, how your staff interact and how you want to work in the future.

If you’re thinking of a refurbishment, fit out or considering relocation, our team can help covering every aspect from initial space planning to final handover.

Office partitions aren’t just there to divide rooms, in today’s office fitouts they can be a bit of a fashion statement. They’re certainly one way of reinforcing your brand. You can paint them, wall-paper them write on them or just open up your space and bring a minimalist look using glass walls to which graphics or logos can be added.

Walls aren’t necessarily permanent. They can fold, move or completely relocate. Partition walls give you the flexibility to change your layout in the future. It’s relatively quick and cheap to move them and there’s little disruption. And did you know you can also get a tax allowance for re-locatable partitions?

Partnering with major partition manufacturers such as Komfort, SAS and Tenon means that we can come up with the right solution for your business.

Ceilings are as important as the furniture when it comes to creating the right atmosphere for your office.

As well as concealing services and cabling, they also provide acoustic benefits too and whether you opt for an exposed ceiling creating an industrial vibe or a suspended ceiling, we can offer a solution to fit your office space.

We partner with leading tile manufacturers offering a variety of choice offering improved light reflectance, acoustic, thermal, impact and anti-fungal solutions for your building.

The one thing that everyone wants from their flooring is for it to be functional and hard-wearing. All our carpet tiles and vinyl flooring are brands such as Desso, Forbo, Burmatex and Interface. Our floors are commercial quality, all come with a warranty and with our range of suppliers we’ve something to suit every pocket. If you’re looking for practical solutions we can install raised access floors (a handy way of hiding cables) and we even do clean off entrance matting. For that little extra touch we can even incorporate your logo or borders .

So whether you need flooring for a full building or you just want to smarten up your reception area, we’ll advise you about the best flooring solution lay it and take away your old flooring – hassle free service.

Now to make it pretty. Paint is flexible and easily maintained. You can change colour and touch it up to keep it looking fresh. It’s a great way of bringing your brand to life and injecting personality into the workspace.

Stunning Wallpaper designs from Tektura and Muraspec can also help you make a big statement and is increasingly popular, whilst fabric walls not only look good but help with acoustics too.

We’ll help you choose the best route , often a combination of both, planning the decoration at design stage and helping you visualise the effect.

M & E. Or the wires, pipes and technical stuff. It might all be well hidden, but it needs to be well planned. Power and data is the life-blood of today’s workspace. But we’re also thinking about tomorrow and try, as far as we can, to future-proof your office. With things getting more hi-tech, you run a real risk of the spaghetti effect. Nothing to do with pasta, more to do with all the cables in a modern workplace. This technical stuff also covers air-conditioning and heating, ventilation, plumbing and lighting. All sounds practical and a necessary evil, but it can be pretty cool. Like the tap that delivers chilled, boiling or fizzy water to your cup. Genius! Lighting is an incredibly emotive subject – all your staff will have an opinion so when we do our workplace assessment we’ll work out the best lighting solution for your space.

Assuming your office fitout has some windows and you aren’t working in an underground vault, you need to consider blinds. Don’t be fooled into thinking they’re just window dressing. Well they are, but they are also much, much more. Modern window coverings are amazing at multi-tasking. Not only do they look great, they can save you money by cutting down on your energy usage. Special fabrics mean you can cut out glare and heat from the sun but still see through them. You’re happy because you’re cutting costs and being green, the staff are happy because they aren’t blinded by the sun but still get to gaze out over the car park. Blinds aren’t just a ‘nice to have’ in your new office, they should be given a starring role.

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