Even before we get to the bit that everyone loves – the visuals – Our designers assess your workspace and company culture to find out what it is your workspace needs and wants.

How you work now is important but so is how you’re going to work in the future. The mobile workforce is on the rise, flexible working and co-working are the norm not the exception.

Post Covid more and more companies adopting ‘hybrid working’. Collaborative and engaging environments are key to staff productivity and having the choice or where and how they work in the office. 

We create an office interior design that maximises the workspace, improves efficiency and reflects your brand. Using the latest software we can produce 2D drawings and 3D CAD designs to visualise your workspace before pressing the button.

Our office design service also includes a complete risk assessment to ensure our work is fully compliant which cover Construction, Design and Management Regulations, Health and Safety, the Disability Discrimination Act and Building and Fire regulations.

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