Cubeform has been designed with modularity and flexibility as the core feature. It’s modular design is ideal for dividing open plan offices into reconfigurable and flexible work zones without the need for fixed partitions.

So there’s a few ‘cube’ modular systems on the market, but what draws our attention to the newly launched Cubeform from Elite is its flexibility alongside it’s sleek design and ability to customise and add that pop of colour that we’ve been longing for in cube storage systems.

Storage boxes, lockers, drawers, magnetic whiteboards and planter boxes are optional extras that enhance Cubeform’s functional nature. These options enable the product to be tailored offering flexible and adaptable solutions.

Cubeform offers extensive options to customise and divide open plan space, encouraging fluid and agile working practices. Cubeform’s steel structure can be specified in three standard RAL finishes, six optional colours and also a raw finish for an industrial appearance. To customise further there are ten standard MFC finishes and an optional Black Nanotech MDF.

Thanks to Cubeform’s modular design there are limitless possibilities for the creation of collaboration, agile and flexible work environments. The system can be specified with the option of a magnetic, dry-wipe surface on the back panels of storage units, creating an effective space saving writing wall.







Download the Cubeform brochure here or call us on 1019 4179830 for further information