We worked closely with the Metromail team to transform a cold, sterile canteen to a bright space with zoned areas for staff to have a choice of private, shared or play space.

Re-designing the Metromail canteen was an absolute pleasure, especially returning to see the staff enjoying the transformed space so much.

Previously, cold, blue and unwelcoming, we designed the space into 5 zones.  LED lighting was installed which made a dramatic enhancement to the lighting in the canteen. Private booths from Vitra were used so staff had privacy if they wanted to use a PC on their break.  Formal kitchen tables for those who want to eat together, a lounge area with soft seating covered in Agua fabrics for those who want to socialise, picnic benches in 100% recycled plastic placed on artificial grass was used a informal eating area, bench seating with TV area, and pool and darts areas for a complete switch off.

“amh workspace were a great help designing and fitting out our staff canteen. Previously the area was quite depressing and not a nice environment for staff to sit in during their breaks. However, it now looks fresh and inviting, complete with different zones to suit varying moods, including: a games area, soft seating, quiet zone, creative picnic area, computer booths and standard canteen seating. This has improved moral and has provided us with a canteen everyone can enjoy!” Lyndsay Close, Metromail

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