Together or separately, the entire collection works to reconfigure a space in a matter of minutes. All teams are unique in which Flex allows users to create their own spaces to encourage creativity and self-expression.

Designed with interconnectivity and clever details, the entire collection works together allowing teams to reconfigure their space in a matter of minutes. The pieces work well on their own, but just like teams, they work better together.

Watch and see how Steelcase Flex supports the various needs of hyper-collaborative teams.


Supporting the high-performing, technology heavy teams that follow agile methodologies within a team owned project studio. Based on getting work done quickly and efficiently, they work together in iterative work cycles, with their team activities often changing
Flex can be reconfigured to meet different needs and activities in a team:: Daily Stand-up, Sprint Planning, Paired Programming, Sprint Review and Team Collaboration.


This supports the highly collaborative, creative team practicing design thinking methodologies. Generating ideas with flawless executions, this requires an immersive and flexible environment to create and share their work.

Flex can be reconfigured to meet different needs and activities in a team: Workshop, Brainstorm, Pitch and Share, and Focus Retreat.


Team Neighbourhood supports a multi-zoned, structured environment within an owned team space. Supporting the team focus, collaborative and social needs.

Flex supports three distinct zones within the neighbourhood that support reconfigurations such as: Focus Retreat, Kitchen Table and Front Pitch.


Team Basecamp is a home base for a functional team within an organisation and supports a more structured environment for teams with flexibility to move around the floor plan. Primarily, the space supports their individual focus and collaborative needs.

Flex can be reconfigured to meet different needs and activities in a team: Individual Work, Working Together and Communal Zone.

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