In a nutshell, this space is 'AWESOME'! The team at Komodo had such a clear vision of how their workspace should look and feel and bringing it to life was an Interior Designers dream...

We’re back at the beautiful Cathedral Buildings for our 4th project, this time on the 3rd floor for Komodo Digital.

You can’t call this an office, it’s so much more than that.  Event and meeting space, breakout areas, lounges, tiered seating and social spaces, it’s a home for it’s people, visitors and resident canines.

Tech greets you at the entrance with the sophisticated door entry system.  Take a step into the office and you’re eyes fall upon the most amazing 3.5m high moss wall with KOMODO illuminated signage.  Taking signage to another level, is the caged neon sign ‘Momento Mori’ latin for “remember we must die,” which has the profound potential to wake us up and breath more life into our lives.

The colour scheme we chose is bright and bold, just like Komodo have been embracing their space, taking it by the scruff of the neck and propelling it into the office space of the future.

Private meeting spaces, acoustic walled webinar areas, tiered seating for events and seminars and the real winner, the stunning lounge, breakout and social spaces.  Plush velvet fabrics and faux leather were used on the lounge seating which adds so much more than just colour.   High and low tables were used to combine the use for either collaborative or dining areas.

Mood lighting was installed throughout with stylish pendants hanging above the industrial piped shelving, wrap bulb lighting over the high table and floor lamps around the lounge to create a softer light.

Of course there are desks, which workspace doesn’t have them?  Seriously though, this is one amazing space which we’re super proud of.

Furniture:  SteelcaseConnectionTable Place ChairsWorkagileElite.  Flooring: Forbo  Fabrics:  Agua.  Moss Wall: Innerspace