With many companies adopting 'hybrid working', we're seeing an increase in demand for our workspace design service for organisations that want to change how they work.

Hybrid work – the blend of office based and working from home is something we’re all now pro’s at however we’re constantly asked, is the workspace of ‘pre-covid’ times what employees need and want?

Steelcase, have produced several articles over the past 12 months on how getting the right balance can be initially challenging, but really now, there is no greater opportunity for organisations to reset their culture and change their way of working.

Creating a Hybrid Work Culture

Everyone, everywhere struggled with a feeling of isolation while working from home. Combine that with the sense of whiplash many people feel from the ups and downs of Covid caseloads, return-to-office delays and conditions that seem to change daily, people’s wellbeing has suffered.

Organisations that have returned to the office found people need to be reenergised and rebuild their “muscle memory” for being in the workplace. They’ve also found that reshaping their culture is essential to create new norms for how people will work together going forward..  Read more…

Four Essential Supplies for Hybrid Work

A new era of hybrid work is here and it will require new kinds of spaces that create a sense of belonging and provide greater flexibility and performance to build a strong hybrid culture.

This seismic shift in how work happens, and the trust it…

Read more…


Hybrid Remote Work Meaning & Design

Seventy-two percent of global organisations are planning some degree of hybrid work – meaning some people will work in the office and some will work at home or in a third place.

But, a hybrid approach is complicated. No one has done this before…  Read more…



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