Cavatina’s versatility in style and colour allows organisations to express their brand and culture, drawing people into the heart of the office.

Today, work is fluid. It happens everywhere in the office as people shift from concentrating to collaborating and back again, creating new emerging workspaces and reshaping what the modern workplace looks like.

A cavatina is a simple melody in music. And like its name, Cavatina’s vast family of chairs carry a fluid design melody across the evolving office landscape, expressing a cohesive range of performance in an inspiring and signature way.


The open-plan workplace continues to be the answer for many organisations looking to inspire creativity in their employees. With many modes of work happening in the same space, furniture needs to be flexible and versatile. Cavatina provides a range of seating solutions that fits any occasion and can seamlessly adapt from one setting to the next.


Inspired by the 70s and designed by Italian design studio Odo Fioravanti, Cavatina brings a sophisticated aesthetic to the modern workplace. With a wide range of colours and material options such as wood, plastic and upholstery, Cavatina offers customisable style.


Workcafés are the hub of an organisation. People across the company gather to share a meal, work side-by-side and meet in an environment that offers an energising buzz. Casual connection builds strong relationships between colleagues — the key to creative teams and an influential factor for employee satisfaction with the workplace. Cavatina’s versatility in style and colour allows organisations to express their brand and culture, drawing people into the heart of the office.



Planned or impromptu, enhanced collaboration is a highlight of the open plan. Teammates can easily share feedback and ideas at a bench while others can work with collaborative tools like whiteboards to post inspiration or discuss strategy. Cavatina’s extensive range provides an aesthetic thread through the open plan with chairs that simultaneously offer different features and a sense of familiarity.




Social spaces equipped with the tools needed to collaborate, focus or rejuvenate turn open areas into hardworking spaces everyone can use. A range of seating and postures offer each user the seat that suits them and their work best. Cavatina with castors is a flexible solution that makes it easy to quickly accommodate colleagues who want to join a discussion or transition into another work mode without leaving the area, allowing needs to ebb and flow without interruption.



Teams need dedicated project space to get messy. The creative process is hands-on and iterative, topics and activities shift from one to the next and then back again multiple times throughout the day. The diversity of the Cavatina family in design, materiality and performance empowers workers to let the creative process flow by allowing them to make the space their own and change it as they see fit.


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