With many of us now working from home and some never having done before, we are sharing with you a few tips to get the best out of your home workstation...

Sit close to natural light

Moving your workstation nearer to a window can help you focus and increase productivity. Studies show natural light helps regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle thus making us more productive during the day. Opening a window to allow natural ventilation will make us feel more alert and allow us to hear nature too.

Set your monitor/laptop to the right height

Even though we’re at home and may not have the right components to maintain ergonomics at your workstation, you can compromise by stacking books under your screen or a box to ensure you have it positioned at the right height. The top of your monitor should ideally be at eye level of or a little below.

Sit comfortably

As many of us may not have a task chair at home like we do in the office, there are ways that we can improve our substitute chair to be more comfortable even if it’s only slightly. Grab a cushion to support your back or if you’re crafty make a seat-pad if your chair is hard and uncomfortable.

Take regular breaks

In the workplace, natural breaks occur at the drinks machine, the photocopier, or having a chat with a colleague. Make sure you take plenty of breaks throughout the day at home too. Make a cuppa, wash the dishes, go in the garden or even stand at your front door for some fresh air.

Stand up

It’s important to get up and move around even more so WFH. Our daily commute, a walk to the shop on lunch or generally walking around the office is no more, setting an alarm to stand up, walk around the house or even a 5-minute yoga stretch can make a difference and help you feel refreshed & alert.