“We want an open plan office” “We want collaboration areas” “We want bench desks”. Three of the most popular requests our clients often tell us when we talk to them about their office refurbishment.

More often than not clients don’t consider the noise impact the ‘modern day’ workspace has on their employees. Researchers from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University wanted to study which aspects of office design had the biggest impact on workers’ productivity. CK Mak and YP Lui questioned 259 office workers about the importance of sound, temperature, office layout, air quality and lighting for productivity.

Interestingly, they found that sound and temperature mattered the most. The most irritating noises were conversations, ringing phones and machines. They also found that the environment mattered least to the younger participants in their study. Those over 45 were more sensitive to it, and factors like noise and temperature had a bigger effect on their productivity.

This is where acoustics comes in to play. Installing acoustics that will help absorb, block and control noise is a must, otherwise you may well have employees that aren’t as productive as you would like. Having working zones ‘private spaces’, ‘collaborative areas’ and ‘social areas’ are essential to ensure employees have the right working space at the right time.

We work with some great partners here at amh workspace helping us to provide a comprehensive range of acoustic solutions. Recently we worked with Creating Calm Interiors to carry out sound proofing and acoustic solutions to our client Get Carter Productions.

Click here to view the case study for this project.

And here are just a few products we’re great advocates of…

‘Friends of Wilson’ produce some amazing acoustic panels which create a more enjoyable, quieter and productive environment without undermining your creative vision.

Effective acoustics and inspirational design go hand-in-hand. No compromises. Art that works well within a space stimulates creativity and makes a place more welcoming.

Their acoustic panels don’t just look good; they also measurably improve ambiance by reducing noise.


Desso’s SoundMaster Lite helps to create a productive and calm environment.

The layered design of the carpet tile, and especially the SoundMaster Lite backing, optimises the sound absorption and sound insulation.

It offers an impact sound insulation value (∆Lw) of up to +6 dB above the standard value and an improvement up to +0.15 in sound absorption performance (αw), or up to +100%, in comparison to our standard carpet.

Click to download the SoundMaster Lite brochure.

One of our favourites is ‘BuzziPlant’ that you can use as a room divider and also combines no less than three factors: sound insulation, design and a surface you can stick pins onto. Click here to check them out.

Era are another manufacturer that also offer some great acoustic products.

From desk mounted screens that absorb 80% of noise to the beautiful ‘Nautilus’ free standing private booth.

There’s lots more we could tell you about, so if you would like to talk more about acoustics in your office give us a call on 0191 4179830